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What Makes a Marriage Certificate Form?

Whenever two people intend to marry and want the state to recognize their marriage legally, they must fill out a marriage certificate. Some states consider a marriage license as a marriage certificate. In contrast, others ask the couple to submit the marriage license form. Then the state provides a marriage certificate download PDF.

In most places, the marriage certificate is usually the official record that two individuals are married. However, some states may exist where marriage certificates don’t exist, and marriages are officially recognized when a state official endorses the marriage license.

Information One Should Enter on a Marriage Certificate Form

Although the format of a marriage license form may vary from state to state, the information required generally remains the same. A typical marriage certificate form is divided into three main categories.

  • Personal information

This part will ask for details such as names, addresses, and contact information. Some forms also require information about the place of birth along with photocopies of birth certificates to be attached when submitting the form. Apart from personal details, details about both spouses’ parents are also generally asked for in a marriage certificate form.

  • Employment Information

The current employment information is asked here. Both the spouses will also need to specify which type of industry they work for. If any one of the spouses runs a personal business, they need to specify the type of business here.

  • Previous Marriages

The form will also ask about previous marriages if any, and details about how they ended. One has to specify on the form whether the previous marriage ended in divorce or the spouse’s death. Besides, they need to mention the relevant dates. Some states also ask for physical divorce papers or death certificates to confirm if the person is legally allowed to marry again when submitting a marriage certificate form.

  • Additional necessary documents

Apart from all of this, both spouses should also keep their identification, birth certificate, and proof of citizenship/residence. People who are divorced should keep a divorce decree, while people whose spouse has died will come along with death certificates.

Moreover, people under 18 will require a consent form from their parents, and although rare, some states might also ask for blood results.

How to Complete a Marriage Certificate Form?

Filling a Marriage certificate can be daunting at first, but they are relatively straightforward once you get down to it. Here we will break down the form into easily understandable sections and explain how to fill each part.

Step 1 - Personal Information

The first part of the form will ask for a first, middle, and current surname. If the birth name of the individual is different, then they must also write it. Depending on where you live, some forms might have the words ‘BLOCK LETTERS’ right in front of the name.

That means that the name must be written in capitalized letters and with space between them. Apart from names, details about age and date of birth are required, with a sex field but filling that part is optional in most states.

Then information about residence is asked where you have to specify your street address and city. Some forms might also ask to identify whether your current residential area is a town, village, or city.

Suppose you are having problems filling in any of this information. In that case, your personal identification can also help you out, as several of the details are already mentioned there.

Step 2 - Employment details

In most forms, this part is relatively short and straightforward. The current occupation of you and your spouse is asked, along with the type of industry you are working in. Suppose any one of the individuals is running a business. In that case, the marriage certificate form also asks the nature of the business.

Step 3 - Guardian details

Information about both your parents is asked. This information includes parents’ names and their date of birth. If applicable, then details about a maiden may also be provided instead of parents.

Step 4 - Previous Marriages

If this is not your first marriage, you have to mention the number of past marriages. Most forms will also require the number of previous marriages ended by divorces, civil annulments, and deaths.

After this, details about the last marriage will be asked, such as how it ended, the date it ended, and whether the previous spouse is still alive.

Step 5 - Divorce details

If this is your first marriage, then this part is not for you to fill. However, details about the divorce date, country, and whether the divorce was against yourself or your spouse must be filled in for those with previous divorces.

What Are the Standard Uses of Marriage Certificate Form?

A marriage certificate form is used to show the state that two individuals are officially married. Additionally, marriage certificates are required whenever divorce proceedings and evidence of the legitimacy of a child are required.

Who is Involved in a Marriage Certificate Form?

Marriage certificates are important documents and will come in need of anyone who needs evidence for either a name change or resolve problems revolving around illegitimate children. Moreover, they are helpful for people recording genealogical history.

External Resources on Marriage Certificate Form

Here is some more information concerning marriage certificate forms from USA’s official government sources. These sources can help those with specific problems, such as locating a lost marriage certificate or requesting one while living abroad.

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